Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Dream's Evolution...

***Next update with new photos on Sept 10th, 2011***

Evolution of A Dream
 "Dreams are a communication of body, mind and spirit in a symbolic communicative environmental state of being. Dreams are so compelling, and they often seem so weird and strange..."

With structures now pretty much in place it is time to place bit and pieces of things together. Allow the photos to do the talking -sit back and Enjoy!

Living Area
A place to relax with your Loved Ones. Feel the breeze and birds singing from afar!

-From this... 

...To this!
Creating space segregating dinning and living -with some help from pillars and curves!

 View from Dining
A different colour and different feel :)

Close-up view of two baby Angels

Did not really liked  low entrance opening and now we have higher pillars and entrance!

As a result, we need to find a new home for lovely twin Angels to be just beside the entrance. 
Created beads like design around the perimeters -looks neat!

TV Console

And to the stuffs we brought thus far!

A Brandt for our Oven!

Chimney Hood

Basin Tap

The Sink!

The Kitchen
"A place where all beautiful savoring taste-bud delicacy are made... "

Washing/ Preparation Area 


Hot/ Cooking Area

That's all for this week's structural built out. Come next week, will be 80% completion and expecting the pre-final touches to be done such as chandeliers and all other accessories!


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