Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Kitchen's Story

 Bon Appétit

Cooking is Love made visible  

Love bakes good cakes and brews good stews!

A touch and mix of cottage, country style kitchen with a little chimney. We especially like the two frosted cabinet, great for keeping spices for our favorite spaghetti on one side. And the other for teapot set collection and wine glasses!

Close-up on kitchen top. To the left of stove are some space for food serving phase, basically we designed our kitchen with a right-to-left concept -breaking down kitchen space into 4 major area: 
1. Food preparation area -This is where food are thawed, garlic/ vegetables are chopped, marinating occurs
2.  Cooking area -As name suggest itself, where food goes over the fire!
3. Food Serving area -Here is where food gets onto the plate right off the pan and finished off with some basil leaves prior to leaving for the dinning table! Aroma of basil leaves....ahhhhhhh yummy!!!!
4. As you've wondered, the fourth major area is the Washing area

A closeup design of our cottage, country style chimney. Keeping design and practicability in check, it would be nice to have more elaborated design chimney but we figured it would be a pain to maintain particularly after some big frying receipt hence we were agreeable on this 

Country cottage style design knobs on kitchen cabinets

Handles and more of those cottage country style design please!!!!

Another view of our Kitchen -Where our Love language is prepared.

View from this perspective, you will be able to see how the kitchen is being divided into our 4 main sections. The space with a plant is the food preparation area -big enough to place one whole chicken, a bowl of spaghetti for serving size of 4, a plate with chopped garlic, bacon streaks, tomato and still leaving some space for plants!


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