Saturday, September 3, 2011

Architecture a Dream...Part II

Painting an Architectural Dream

Bedroom 2 

Shades of Pink...

This will be center piece art that will be up in the ceiling :)
Seems it needs a little cleaning...

Bedroom 3

Shades of Green and Pink...unfortunately, these shades are too dark and have requested  painters to do a lighter shade for both colours.

Lime green and baby pink should be the end product...
Will post pictures of the lighter shades when it is done

That's about all the painting works that are required for this place, the rest of wall work will be done at a much later stage :)

Next will be structural phase where all bit and pieces starts to take shape! That is when we see our Dreams to start evolving from a Thought into Reality...I'm getting excited! :)

***We will have another round of updates with Before and After pictures due at 11.30pm GMT+8 on September 3rd so stick around! :)


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